Best Secret For Your Car’s Suspension Last Forever Reviews 2020

Best Secret For Your Car's Suspension Last Forever Reviews 2020

┬áRev up your engines, today I’m gonna showyou how you can save thousands of dollars in suspension repair on your car,now suspension systems have gone a long way since I was a young mechanic, nolonger do cars all have simple shock absorbers with a bolt on the top of bothon the bottom, take the two bolts off putt new shocks on, they haveMcPherson struts, they even have computer-controlled McPherson strutsthat have electronics and hydraulics inside them, and being so complex ofcourse they’re expensive as can be, you want your suspension parts to last aslong as possible, I’m gonna show you how you can make that possible, now realizethat many of your suspension parts have rubber seals or rubber bushings in them,over time these things are going to rot or crack leading to really expensiverepairs, and that’s why over the years I’ve used this at 205 reseal, it’s just aclear polymer it looks just like water but it doesn’t smell like water, itrejuvenates rubber, keeps it pliable so it doesn’t crack,now I filled this old spray bottle with the at 205 reseal to show you how I treatrubber suspension parts, so they don’t break down in the first place, we’ll justtake off this wheel, off it comes and as we look inside here’s the first thing,this is the boot that’s on the power steering rack, it keeps dirt the dust fromgetting inside the power steering, so a few times a year get the at 205 reseal andspray it all over the boot, that’ll keep the rubbernice and supple, it’s a royal pain in the rear end taking all the suspension apartto replace it if it cracks, so a little preventive maintenance goes a long wayand on the top of the strut the same thing, this is a dust shield, spray it everyonce in a while, it’ll keep the rubber nice and supple so it won’t crack, and youcan do the same here on the torsion bar right here, and of course here’s the CVaxle you can spray the rubber boot there to keep it from cracking, and hidinginside here are rubber control arm bushings, you want to keep them nice andlubricated with at 205 reseal, because if that control arm goesbad you gotta take a lot of suspension parts to replace it, they’re veryexpensive, you want to prevent that rubber from getting brittle cracking andthen your suspension gets off and you have to replace them, now the next thingto think about to let your suspension system last longer is your tiresbecause realize your tires actually absorb a lot of the shocks, they’reflexible, when you hit bumps these things flex in and up, they oftentake just as much shock away from the car as the shock absorbing system doesso of course you want to keep the right amount of air in your tires, and you wantto watch your tires to make sure they’re not wearing out oddly, because if theystart to wear out oddly, one that shows that you often have a problem in thefront end where you need a ball joint, or a tie rod, and if your tire is worn badlyout of balance its shakes a lot at speeds, it’s gonna wear things out fasterthe more shakin you have the worse it’s gonna be, now the next tip of course isdon’t carry excess weight, let’s take an extreme example I had a customer who was ascuba diver instructor, and he always had big old scuba diving tanks lying in thetrunk, that really weighed it down and things wore out faster, so don’t be aslob like me and keep all this junk in your trunk, be more like my wife, have atrunk that’s clean, it’s got a yoga mat and a little box with a few tools in itdon’t carry a lot of excess weight, now crucial part your suspension system isyour power steering, if you’ve got a car that has hydraulic power steering, ofcourse check the fluid every once in a while, this is on the low mark now whenit’s cold and it goes up to the high mark when it warms up because it expandsover time, but this stuff does get dirty over time, and guess what dirt does, dirtis friction, friction wears out parts, if you have to buy an uber expensivepower-steering pump, or even worse if your power steering rack goes bad, thenyou’re gonna have to spend a small fortune, so if you like me and want to keepyour car for hundreds of thousands of miles, 15-20 years or more, it’s good ideato change your power steering fluid let’s say, ah once every six seven yearsor something, it’s not that big of a deal but you do needto change it, because eventually gets so dirty it turns into a cutting fluid1,400 psi pressure and the fluid is dirty, that actually turns the fluid into acutting fluid that will eat through metal partseat up hoses, do all kinds of damage, so do change it every once in a while andfind out what kind you have, some of them are red, if the red turns blackyou know it’s dirty, some of them are clear they’re easier to see when theyget dirtier, it only has to be changed every once in a really long time, just doit if you want to keep your car for as long as possiblenow for those of you who live up north or by saltwater sea shore, it’s a good ideato rinse the undercarriage of your car oncea week to get that salt off, salt is an enemy of suspension parts, as an example Iused to have a photographer when I did a showwith CBS, he lived across the street from the ocean in Galveston, and just thespray of the salt water coming in, he didn’t drive on the beach or anything,his Chrysler’s they just rotted away, I looked at one of his vehicles, and thething was three and a half years old it was just rotting through everywhere,he never rinsed them, and of course anything that causes corrosion isgonna create problems with suspension systems, but salt this is absolute worstthing that you’re generally gonna run into on this planet, so if you live inan area like that you want to rinse your car a lot, if you’re not going to do it yourselfjust take it to somewhere where they drive it through and it all hosesthe bottom out and gets all the stuff off the suspension system, now anotherpart that’s rubber that can have corrosion on it is your strut mounts,this is all rubber inside here, so get the reseal on pour it on the rubber, the rubberis on the inside here on the edge, it’ll keep it from cracking, themounts themselves aren’t that expensive, those particular ones are like 80something dollars a piece of you buy factory ones, but you have to take thewhole strut off the vehicle, take it all apart, put the new mount on and put itback together, and if you gotta go through all that trouble you might aswell has changed the strut too, not just the mount itself, but the mountsthemselves are the crucial part, the whole thing sits on that, if itcracks and breaks the suspension can pop right up through it, you hit a bump it’lljust lose control, I’ve had cars that came here when I jacked them up in the airthe whole things just fell off the car, cuz the only thing holding them on was theweight of the car, so when they were hitting bumps they were actually comingout of the hole, it’s dangerous so you don’t want the mounts to go bad, a littlemaintenance goes a long way, maybe once a year you can put a little bit onthe rubber seals, so it won’t crack and then you got to take the whole thingapart and replace it all, just because the rubber decided to crack, and here’smy last warning to save you thousands, when things do wear out replace themwith quality parts, don’t go on eBay and buy the cheapest strut, or the cheapestwheel bearing assembly you can get your hands on, I tried that in the past tosave my customers money, boy it bit me in therear-end, parts didn’t last long sometimes they didn’t even work in thefirst place, because they weren’t machined correctly, always buy quality suspensionparts when you do have to change them unless of course you’re planning on getrid of the car, a lot of guys will put those quick struts on to save money,they’re selling a car,,they realize hey it’s not gonna last forever but if itreally rides like crap and I can’t get any money for the car, make it ridehalfway decent so you can then sell it, but if you’re planning on keeping the carfor years, my advice is don’t use those quick struts, the quality just isn’tthere, so now you know how you can save thousands in suspension repair cost witha tiny bit of maintenance, so if you never want to miss another one of my newcar repair videos, remember to ring that Bell!

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